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Comfortable Event, Meeting in Phuket

How to Make Your Event More Comfortable

Attending an event at a Phuket conference venue is probably quite a memorable thing already, but the trend in event planning is increasingly towards placing supreme importance on the delegate experience, just to be sure. A major part of that trend is moving away from speaker-led conferences and instead focusing on interactive sessions. Venues and…

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5 Tips for Planning Your Conference Presentation

There is a skill to keeping an audience enthralled at a Phuket conference venue, and it’s not one that everyone possesses. Many an interesting topic has been poorly communicated because the speaker wasn’t properly prepared. They end up losing their audience in inane slides, drawn-out explanations and random, inconsequential tangents. Getting the planning of your…

promote meeting, meeting in phuket

4 Tips for Promoting Your Conference

You can book the best Phuket conference venue, arrange a first-class line-up of speakers and have every tiny detail organised, but all of that effort is completely worthless if no one shows up. Marketing and promoting your conference is arguably the most important aspect of events planning. We’ve got a few tips about how to…

presentation public speaking, Meeting in Phuket

How to Network Successfully

A big part of any conference or corporate event is networking – meeting other people in your industry so that you can learn from each other and maybe help each other in a variety of ways. The setting of a good Phuket meeting hotel certainly helps the process of building connections, but it’s really on…

5 Reasons to Attend Conferences

5 Reasons to Attend Conferences

In an increasingly connected world, with real-time teleconferencing, it can be difficult to justify the expense of visiting a Phuket conference venue. Everything you could possibly need to know is available somewhere online and social media keeps people right around the world in constant contact, so why bother with a trip to a conference? Well,…